Hunting news

What is currently changing about the hunting examination, the so-called “green baccalauréat”? How did the populations of invasive species develop during the last year? What adjustments are currently planned concerning the EU weapons directive?
Our HuntersMapp hunting news on the homepage of the app provide you with precious background information and breaking news from hunting and weapon associations as well as from leading hunting magazines and online magazines that are directly transferred to your mobile phone!

  • General hunting topics
  • Political and public discussions
  • Weapon laws
  • Hunting laws

Important messages are transmitted via push notification* within a couple of moments to the mobile phones. A message generally consists of a picture, a headline and a short summary of the content. By choosing a news message, you get directly to the website of the news editor where you can read the whole article.

*Push notification is a default service provided by Apple or Google that allows for displaying incoming messages immediately on a mobile phone.
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