HuntersMapp Hardware

(Available soon)

As of 2019 the peer-to-peer technology will be even more efficient and unlimited with our HuntersMapp hardware.

What does peer-to-peer mean?

If during hunting no public network is available to you for the communication with the other participating hunters and beaters, the peer-to-peer technology comes into play. This, however, covers only short distances.

Why do I need additional hardware for longer distances?

If your hunting friends are too far away one from another during hunting, so that a conventional peer-to-peer network via WLAN/Bluetooth cannot be established, communication won’t be possible without additional hardware.

Highlights of the HuntersMapp hardware:

  • Reliable communication between the different hunters based on long-wave radio. Dependent on area and weather conditions, the hunters can stand in distances of up to a maximum of 5 km from one another.
  • Unlimited communication: If several hunters are equipped with the HuntersMapp hardware, communication is possible via the different users across even greater distances.

As of 2019 you can purchase the HuntersMapp hardware here.

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