Whether you want to observe deer, red deer or wild boar: Even for experienced hunters it is not always easy to gauge distances accurately by means of reticles 1, 4 or 7. The same applies to gauging distances between two places.

Those who, despite their excellent knowledge of the preserve, do not have time or do not feel about combining beam spacings and unit sizes, should rely on our rangefinder module!

Highlight of the rangefinder module:

Precise distance measurement between any two points or between your own position and e.g. the game.

Using the rangefinder is as easy as this:

  • After having started the preserve module and selected the preserve, the preserve map will open (satellite view).
  • Select the ruler symbol representing the rangefinder in the menu bar.
  • Starting point of the measurement is the current position (blue dot on the map) that you can move however to any position you want by means of your finger.
  • A simple tip on the desired position of the map allows for selecting the endpoint of the measurement. The endpoint is marked with a red dot.
  • As the result of the measurement, the distance between the two points (beeline) is displayed in the respective unit of the country concerned.
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