Organised hunt

You want to experience hunting events such as driven hunts or battues or else collective stalking hunts both as head of the hunt and participant in a completely different dynamic? Thanks to our feature “organised hunt” this dream comes true!

The feature “organised hunt” provides functions similar to those of  ”simple hunt”, but includes the following additional functions:

  • Ideal for driven hunts: The head of the hunt can copy his preserve map and rename it. All landmarks (sitting games/other) that are not needed can now be deleted and all relevant driven hunt information (i.e. meeting point, individual stands) can be completed.
  • The participants are invited to the driven hunt via a HuntersMapp chat group on the basis of which detailed planning of the hunt is carried out.
  • You can allocate a position and an individual role to each participant (e.g. guide, hunter, beater, headman of search or first aid).
  • The hunting rules can be defined by the head of the hunt and sent to the participants at the beginning of the hunting session.

Thanks to the integrated peer-to-peer technology hunting friends can communicate even without public network. All users of the HuntersMapp serve to stabilise the internal communication network. Please note that the range is severely limited when you are not using the special HuntersMapp hardware.

Learn more about the HuntersMapp hardware!

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