Update September 2019

Dear HuntesMapp users,

We are pleased to present you our latest HuntersMapp update with many small improvements, but also significant functional enhancements, especially in the district module. As always, we have taken up and implemented many of your ideas. Many thanks at this point for your suggestions and help with the further development of the HuntersMapp!

Essential functional enhancements at a glance


One territory can be administered in the free version without restrictions
Complete activation of the diary
Activation of the weather forecast
Activation of the wind preview
Activation of the lunar infos
These additional functions in the free version are financed by advertising circuits – the HuntersMapp PRO remains of course free of advertising!


Adjustment of the advertisement in the hunting news
In the German-speaking countries NEWS for Germany and Austria are now also available for Switzerland.


Many additional landmark symbols for the different seat types and other landmark types
Registration of several territorial boundaries
Subsequent insertion of boundary points at any point of the boundary
Paths, roads, game trails, game passes can now also be created as a route (different colours) on the area map
Easy import of KML- and KMZ-files into the HuntersMapp (import of borderline and landmarks)
Simple export of territory data as KML file


Revision of the Equipment Manager
Integration of an equipment catalogue to simplify the recording of the equipment – here you can also switch directly to a shop and purchase the equipment.


Marking of unread messages in the menu, in the chat overview and in the address book
Sending equipment, also from a wish list, to friends


iPhone X View
Android Views

In addition to the listed points, we have of course also implemented many small optimizations, improvements and bug fixes.

We wish you a lot of fun with the new function of the HuntersMapp!

Your HuntersMapp Team

Update February 2019


Dear HuntersMapp User,

our new update (version 2.1.2) is now available for download!

An overview of the main functional enhancements:

  • Bugfixes and optimizations
  • Extension of the language selection, in addition to English, German, Italian and French, Spanish is now available as well

We wish you lots of fun and good luck with the HuntersMapp!


Update January 2019


Dear HuntersMapp User,

our latest HuntersMapp update is now available for download in the App Store and the Google Play Store!

Overview of essential functional enhancements:

  • Bugfixes and optimizations
  • New map material and a 2nd satellite view are now available in the area.
  • Extension of the landmark list (territory module)
  • Additional filters in the Augmented Reality mode of the society hunt (now also individual hunt participants can be selected)

We wish you lots of fun and good luck with the HuntersMapp!


Update November 2018

(available from approx. mid to end of November 2018)

Dear friends of HuntersMapp,

thank you very much for your numerous and very helpful feedback! As part of our new update, we have of course included some of your ideas and suggestions in the update. We ask everyone whose tips have not yet been implemented in this update for patience and understanding. Unfortunately it will not be possible for us to meet all your wishes, but we will check each of your suggestions for feasibility, expediency and economy. As always, the implementation takes place according to periodization and budget.

An overview of essential functional extensions:

  • NEW: Completion of a shooting plan as a separate menu item. The shooting planning is linked to the hunting diary and each entry in the category “Hunted” can be assigned accordingly.
  • NEW: Integration of contents of the German Hunting Federation (in cooperation with the German Hunting Federation)
  • NEW: The HunterMapp News will also be published on the HuntersMapp website in the future
  • On multiple request we will add a map view with streets and cities to the satellite view and will change our map service provider in this context, as the quality and timeliness of the map material was partly not satisfactory.
  • Addition of a wind vane to the area map – The wind vane is displayed within the 8-hour wind preview on the map according to the expected wind direction
  • Addition of the landmark selection ” game damage “ in the territory module
  • The wind definition of lookouts can now be entered manually as well as automatically by the direction of the device
  • The outlooks and landmarks can not only be positioned on the map by typing, or by taking over the current position, but the positioning can now also be captured by manually entering the geolocation data (lat/lng).
  • In the HuntersMapp – Messenger the sent images can now be displayed in a larger size
  • The territories are now displayed in alphabetical order in the territory overview
  • Adjustments in the hunting diary (extension of the information in the entry overview)
  • The hunting diary entries can now also be displayed on the hunting territory map
  • The hunting diary entries can now be displayed filtered not only by sight, shot, killed and other, but also by year, month and game
  • In the Messenger and in the Peer to Peer Messenger (chat without public networks) the position data including the current distance to yourself can also be displayed via Augmented Reality in the live image of the camera. The display is analogous to the display in the LiveHunt during a driven hunt.
  • During a LiveHunt you can now tap on the landmarks as well as the participants and you will get the short information about the landmark
  • Adjustments to the Privacy Policy
  • general bug fixes like e.g. location search in the territory and in the weather app, also the error message via the HuntersMapp now works again

Price adjustments in November 2018

Now that the HuntersMapp has been on the market for over a year now and the previous prices were introductory prices, the prices are now being raised to the regular prices.


Prices for the HuntersMapp:

HuntersMapp Unlimited: 34,99 €

HunterMapp yearly subscription: 11,99 €


We wish you much fun with the new HuntersMapp – TOOLS

Your HuntersMapp – Team

Update April 2018 is now online!

Dear HuntersMapp friends,

first of all we would like to thank you for the various feedback and the suggestions for further functions in the HuntersMapp! Many will find their ideas and suggestions in the update. We ask everyone whose tips have not yet been implemented in this update for their patience and understanding. Unfortunately, we will not be able to satisfy all your wishes, but we will check each of your wishes for feasibility, practicality and economy. The realization is made in accordance with periodization and budget.

Besides a lot of functional enhancements (see below) and a few bug fixes we have improved the usability of the HuntersMapp significantly! Among other things, there is now a search window in the group chat, the capture of the wind definition of the lookouts is more self-explanatory, there is a separate menu item for driven hunts and you don’t have to plan and start hunts via the group chat, if you have forgotten your password, you can now reset it directly during login yourself, the image display in the group chat has been significantly accelerated, and and and…

An overview of key functional enhancements:

  • Introduction of an own HuntersMapp – Cloud (data backup and data recovery, using and editing HuntersMapp data on different devices)
  • Introduction of peer-to-peer communication (without wireless hardware). Here you can communicate with each other in the future, e.g. during a driven hunt, even without public networks. Note: If you move further than 50 m (bad conditions) – approx. 100 m (optimal conditions) from the network, the connection will be disconnected. A significant improvement will follow with the HuntersMapp wireless hardware in 2019, increasing the range to about 1 km, even in bad conditions.
  • Introduction of filter functions in the Augmented Reality Module (AR) for the Territories and in the LiveHunt (driven hunt with the HuntersMapp). For example, you can now select in the LiveHunt which status you want to see via AR or whether you only want to see the drivers during the LiveHunt or only the dog handlers etc. or exactly one participating person via AR.
  • In the single and group chat (HuntersMapp – Messenger) you can now send your hunting diary entries (e.g. sightings, kills or also found fall game) as well as any locations to hunting friends by selection on the map, in addition to text, pictures, your own location and your hunting grounds.
  • From the HuntersMapp – address-book you can now invite your friends directly to the HuntersMapp.
  • Expansion of the hunting diary: Here we have added additional fields (shooting distance, further possibilities of location recording, e.g. manual selection of the location on the map by simply tapping) and additionally you can select your used equipment like weapon, ammunition, rifle scope,… and select them if required.
  • Offline maps are now always accessed in the territory module, of course only if you have previously downloaded them in the territory list. It is recommended to update the maps once a year by downloading them again in order to have the most up-to-date maps available.
  • The HuntersMapp remembers your online verification for several days after the update, so that you are authorized for all functions even without internet access.
  • New landmark selection in the territory module: pulpit closed, pulpit open, earth seat open, earth seat closed, earth seat mobile, raised hide ladder, raised hide ladder with roof, driven hunt seat, driven hunt stand, mobile pulpit, hunting cabin, meeting point, meeting place, wallow, … and much more.
  • Additions to the weather module
  • Revision of the territory display: In display mode, you can now only see the boundary line and no boundary stones. By tapping on the landmarks you get a small immediate info in the territory map faded in.
  • Additional languages: French and Italian

We wish you a lot of fun with the new functions!

Your HuntersMapp Team

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