HuntersMapp – Tips & Tricks

HuntersMapp Cloud – Memory

Since our update in April 2018, our cloud memory is available for data backup and data transfer. You can use it to back up your user data such as territory, diary entries, recorded equipment, planned hunts and chats to our cloud and also transfer them to other devices. To do this, go to the menu item “Account” in the HuntersMapp menu and press the “Create backup” button. Now you have saved a backup of your user data on the cloud. If necessary, press “Import backup” and the backup stored in the cloud will be transferred to the device you are currently using. This way you can also transfer your data to other devices, e.g. iPad / Tablet or a second phone and use it there.

Peer to Peer Messenger

As soon as you start our Peer to Peer Messenger, HuntersMapp will search for chat partners in your area and you will see a yellow (no participants in range) or green dot in the upper right corner, with a number in the middle. This number shows you how many Peer to Peer participants are currently within range, i.e. within the network, and can receive your messages, GPS position data and images.
Peer to peer technology is used here, which means that the simple range from one user to the next can be significantly extended by forwarding the messages. The chat works like a group chat, i.e. all messages, position data or pictures you send are received by all participants of the network. With the current technology used by the mobile phone to set up a peer-to-peer network, you may move up to approximately 100 m away from the next network participant before the connection to the network is disconnected. From 2019, we will also be offering wireless hardware that, paired with the mobile phone, allows a range of approx. 1 to 5 km (depending on the terrain and possible sources of interference) to the next network participant.
If you close the Peer to Peer – Messenger again, the connection will be ended until the Peer to Peer – Messenger is restarted and you cannot receive any more messages or forward them in the network.

Copy territory

Make sure you have a backup copy of your area at regular intervals. You can easily create a backup copy by tapping the copy icon of the corresponding area in the area map. You can then customize the name, e.g. “Territory name, Date: Date” and delete an older copy of the area already existing. Especially if you are managing a district in a group and sending each other territorial updates, it can be advantageous to have a backup copy.

Create territory with offline maps

If you want to place your area on the spot using your GPS position, you should roughly limit your area with a few border markers and then save the area map for offline use (see “Offline Maps” tip). In the area, you simply open the map, go to the change mode (symbol pencil in the upper right corner) as usual, and activate border editing with the border symbol. Now use the arrow key to delete your rough zone boundary and start the boundary with the help of the GPS position pickup (symbol reticle) or by tapping your finger on the map position in the display to mark the area limits. You do not have an Internet connection, because you are working with the offline maps. If you want to create an attachment, simply switch from border editing to landmark processing (Sybmol Landmark), accept the current GPS position with the symbol Retype and define the location, including the wind indication.

Profile data

Expand your profile, your name, and your mobile number into your profile (menu item “Account”), so that you are found and displayed in the contact data of your hunting friends. The address matching between the HuntersMapp database and the own telephone address book takes place primarily via the email address (Username with the HuntersMapp), but additionally also via the telephone number stored in the profile (account). Should you, For example, only the telephone number and not the email address with which your hunting friend has registered with HuntersMapp, have stored in your telephone book and the profile of your hunting friend is incomplete (without mobile phone number), your hunting friend will not be displayed in your HuntersMapp contacts You can not chat with him or organize a LiveHunt with him. The same is true, of course, for your self and the HuntersMapp contacts of your hunting friends

Planning and holding a hunt

LiveHunt => dynamic live position display of all participants on the territory map and in the camera image of your mobile phone (augmented reality)

TIP: to participate in a “LiveHunt” you need at least the HuntersMapp Viewer (= free version of HuntersMapp) => is especially interesting for drivers.

What you need in advance are two things

  1. A HuntersMapp territory
  2. A HuntersMapp chat group (via the menu item party hunting, the chat group is generated automatically)

Plan a Hunt

You can now easily plan a hunt in the group chat or under the menu item “Driven hunt”.
Select “Planing a hunt” in the More menu of the group chat or press ” Planing a driven hunt ” in the menu item “Driven hunt”.

  1. Assign name for the hunt
  2. Select territory
  3. Select type of hunting
    1. Simple hunting (if it has to go fast, e.g. when changing the maize) – does not need 5 seconds => just add all chat group members to the hunt with one click and save – done
    2. Driven hunt (planning of a driven hunt with role assignment and stand assignment)
      1. Add the required stands or location information from the selected territory
      2. Add the participating chat group members

keep hunting

  1. From the group chat or the menu item “driven hunt” you can start the planned hunt
  2. Open in the group chat via the “more menu” the item “planned hunts” or simply go to the menu item “Driven hunt”
  3. Select the desired hunt from the list of planned hunts and confirm the start of the hunt – and off you go!

All hunting participants now receive an invitation to the hunt and after confirmation of the invitation they are displayed with their current position on the hunting map (coloured dots, depending on the role). With Augmented Reality (AR), all hunting participants from the direction in which you are holding your mobile phone are shown in the camera image of the mobile phone with name, profile picture and distance information. You can switch between hunting map, AR, Messenger or other menu items.

End the hunt

The hunt leader ends the hunt by selecting the “more menu” in the group chat and pressing “End hunt”. The hunting map is then closed again on all equipment of the hunting participants.
Every hunter can leave the hunt at any time by simply closing the HuntersMapp.

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