Do you know a better formula for success in order to capture people’s interest in something than by practising direct communication? Our hunting messenger provides you with numerous functions for communication among hunting friends.

The messenger highlights at a glance:

  • Chat with your hunting friends on a whim via the HuntersMapp chat.
  • Send texts, images, hunting territories, hunting diary entries and GPS data to individuals, like-minded people or entire groups.
  • A directory integrated in the messenger shows you all of your hunting friends having installed the HuntersMapp on their mobile phone.

You can invite all your hunting friends who have not yet installed the HuntersMapp on their mobile phone to download the free viewer for basic chat and other free functions.

And this is how the messenger communication works:

  • Communication via public networks (phone, Internet)
  • Communication without public networks
  • via peer-to-peer technology needing no additional hardware (limited range)
  • via peer-to-peer technology using additional hardware support (range up to a maximum of 5 km)
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