Task list

(Available as of the next update)

Whether it is about repair of a raised hide or renovation of access and departure roads: To-do lists relating to the preserve are not always popular with the participants. Thanks to our task list module this could change very quickly…

Highlights of the task list module:

  • Each hunting fellow can create tasks and share them with all the other hunting fellows.
  • Simply assign a name (e.g. “Ladder repair”) to the task.
  • Select the concerned facility among the preserve facilities that have already been created.
  • If desired, you can complete the task by a short description or more details (e.g. “Replace steps 2 and 3 and a seat board”)
  • Then share the task with your hunting friends within in the preserve!
  • Task completed? As soon as a hunting friend has completed the task, he checks it off on the task list and shares this information with the other hunting friends.
  • All the other hunting friends are thus informed about the task having been completed.
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