HuntersMapp Viewer (free version)

The HuntersMapp viewer contains the following functions:

  • NEWS: You get cutting-edge hunting news, among others from international hunting and weapon associations.
  • MESSENGER (restricted use): Chat on a whim, create chat groups, send pictures* and position data. Take part in HuntersMapp hunts and see all the HuntersMapp hunters – beaters – headmen of search, etc. – by means of the live view on the hunting map in their current positions. For all other functions such as peer-to-peer communication, augmented reality, share the preserves with other hunters, plan and organise your own hunt etc. you need the HuntersMapp Pro version!
  • Territory (restricted use)
  • Hunting Diary and Equipment Manager (restricted use)
  • S.O.S.: If required, make an emergency call to the hunters group or use the S.O.S. function of the HuntersMapp in order to join the next rescue centre in the EU and other European countries. If your mobile phone is out of the range of your network, the connection to the rescue centre will be established via an available “external network”.
  • ACOUNT: Own account with name, profile picture etc.

*In the free version, pictures are not backed up on the HuntersMapp server!

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