Simple hunt

Simply ingenious – ingeniously simple: The feature “Simple hunt” allows you to start a hunting event in no time. You can, for instance, create a hunting group in the HuntersMapp messenger as head of the hunt, select the participating hunters from the directory and the hunting preserve from the preserve list and then start the hunt:

  • The participants will receive an invitation from the head of the hunt.
  • By accepting the invitation, the preserve dates are transmitted to the participants and the GPS signal of each participant is shown on the hunting map. Every participant can leave the HuntersMapp hunt at any time by clicking on “exit the hunt”.
  • Communication takes place via the HuntersMapp chat.
  • The head of the hunt can manually end the hunt. At this moment, the hunting map is closing for everybody.
  • This participant function can also be used with the free HuntersMapp Viewer.
  • Pictures and GPS positions of events such as sightings and shootings can be shared via the HuntersMapp chat.
  • You can download the hunting map off line in all resolutions on your mobile phone and you are thus independent from Internet connection on the go.

Thanks to the peer-to-peer technology, communication between the participants can take place even without public network.

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