Terms of use Outlander LB

§ 1. Use

(1) Outlander LB GmbH, Birketweg 12, 85290 Geisenfeld (hereinafter “Outlander LB”) operates an Internet-based information page at huntersmapp.com concerning the development, production and sale of outdoor products and outdoor applications for mobile and stationary devices.

(2) On these pages extensive information about these issues is provided for consultation by the user.

§ 2. Contact and registration

(1) In the event and to the extent that the user provides data for contact reasons or for a possible registration, he is obligated to make truthful and clear statements especially concerning his identity. If the data specified change, Outlander LB has to be informed immediately about these changes.

(2) If a user name and a password are used for registration, these data have to be treated as confidential and may not be made accessible to third parties. In case of an infringement by a third party, the user shall be liable if he is responsible for the infringement. If the member finds out about an unauthorised use of his access data, he shall inform Outlander LB immediately.

§ 3. Contents by members

(1) In case and to the extent that Outlander LB provides the possibility to add own contents (e.g. for a guest book), the following paragraphs apply.

(2) There shall be no entitlement to publish a specific content at Outlander LB. Outlander LB reserves the right to delete articles from its pages.

(3) When adding own contents, the users shall respect the general rules of netiquette, that is good behaviour in virtual communication. Users are especially prohibited from adding the following contents: Information inviting other users to transmit chain letters or other hoaxes; information of merely promotional nature for commercial purposes; articles published in order to collect or use consumer information for commercial purposes; contents that are deliberately untrue, dishonouring, derogatory, slanderous, morally indecent or pornographic or meet any other kind of criminal offence; contents that might cause impairment or damage to other users or Outlander LB due to viruses or similar computer files or programs; contents that violate the rights of third parties, such as copyrights, patent and trademark rights; the members are thus responsible for having the appropriate rights for publishing their contents.

§ 4. Liability of Outlander LB

(1) The user shall be solely responsibility for the contents he publishes. Outlander LB does not adopt the statements from the users’ contents and shall not be responsible for the accuracy of these contents.

(2) Outlander LB is only liable towards third parties within the limits of its legal responsibilities, if Outlander LB is aware of these contents and as far as it is technically possible and reasonable to delete the incriminated contents.

§ 5. Data protection

The data protection provisions of Outlander LB shall apply.

§ 6. Copyright

All contents and works provided on the website of Outlander LB are protected by the German copyright law. Any use, reproduction, processing and distribution are subject to the agreement of the copyright holder.

§ 7. Liability

(1) In case of minor negligence, Outlander LB shall be liable only for the violation of obligations essential to the contract and limited to foreseeable damages. This limitation does not apply in case of damage to life, body and health, nor in case of mandatory liability regardless of negligence or fault according to law.

(2) Personal liability of legal agents, auxiliary persons and other persons belonging to Outlander LB is excluded for damage they have caused by slight negligence.

(3) Outlander LB does not assume any liability for the accuracy of information concerning the products and services displayed on advertising banners and similar media.

§ 8. Applicable law, jurisdiction

(1) The use of the pages of Outlander LB shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(2) If the user is a merchant, legal body of the public law, or special property under public law, the jurisdiction for all conflicts deriving from the use of the Internet pages is the court of jurisdiction for the business location of Outlander LB.
The same shall apply if the user does not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany or if the user’s domicile or habitual abode are not known at the time of commencement of the action. The authorisation to take legal action at a different court of jurisdiction remains unaffected.

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