Preserve limits

A skilled hunter knows the breath of nature, its regular beat and, of course, his preserve. But everybody also knows the experience of being a novice or guest in a foreign preserve. This is where the preserve module of the HuntersMapp comes into play!

Highlights of the preserve module:

  • Recording and storing of any number of preserves.
  • Clear presentation by means of satellite views.
  • Convenient setting of points by clicking on the map.
  • The set points are automatically connected to a polygon.
  • Ideal for preserve inspection: You can also use the GPS function of your mobile phone to set the different points.
  • Download your preserve maps in all resolutions on your mobile phone, so that even off line (without Internet connection) you can resort to your preserve maps.

Safety function: You accidentally set a wrong point? – No problem! Simply delete the last set point and set a new one. Make a copy of your preserve in order to have a backup copy at hand, if you accidentally delete the original preserve.

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