Traditionally, hunting has always managed very well without electronic gadgets (except for thermal imaging devices, illuminated dots or rangefinders). One could ask now: Won’t the best thing in the world become unnecessarily complicated by a hunting app?
Our answer is: No – on the contrary! Because the HuntersMapp makes hunting even nicer, more fascinating and yet simpler – this is our promise to you. Whether it is planning and realisation, preserve arrangement, internal communication with hunters, beaters or like-minded people – all this and much more is as of now possible in a twinkling of an eye thanks to the HuntersMapp!

HuntersMapp – The ultimate hunting app for practice:

  • Developed in collaboration with experienced hunters: from practice – for practice!
  • Intuitive handling – easy to use
  • NEW: Thanks to the smart peer-to-peer technology of our hunting messenger the HuntersMapp allows for communication even without public networks.
  • Your advantage: We are collaborating very closely and in a spirit of trust with national and international hunting and weapon associations.

But now enjoy the ultimate HuntersMapp!

Your HuntersMapp team

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